lapresc project


Having already established a close cooperation with a number of core stakeholders nationwide through a two-day workshop entitled “The artistic work in Greece: status, policies, perspectives” (q.v. here and here), LaPreSC’s methodology aims to address the lack of data of sufficient breadth and scale on the issues under investigation. Moving beyond sectors and focusing instead on occupations, LaPreSC will use a mixed method methodology, combining different methods and level of analysis: CCIs labour conditions, and new employment patterns with an emphasis on their gendered/ethnic and racial dimensions, the effects of digitisation, new financing models etc, along with issues such as collective protection, representation and reaction patterns will be studied in three distinct yet interconnected levels:

  • macro/policy- legislation
  • meso/organisational 
  • micro/workers’ labour and mobilisation experience and practices

This multilevel analysis will be enhanced by the different research methods to be used:

the combination of

  • desk research
  • qualitative research with, ethnography, thematically focused semi-structured interviews and focus groups
  • quantitative data collected through both primary (survey) and secondary (data mining) methods

is intended to offer a profound and better-informed insight of the field.

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