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Working Conditions in the Cultural and Creative Industries

Work in Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) is characterised by excessive flexibility, as self-employment, freelancing, part-time work, fixed-term contracts, intermittent work, intentional or enforced multi-employment (in other artistic/creative or non-artistic activities) are the dominant forms of its organisation. These forms of flexible employment entail the uncertainty and precariousness of working conditions, which are further exacerbated in periods of successive crises.

Τhe successive crises (financial, pandemic and the energy crisis) present unprecedented challenges for people working in the CCIs, who were already struggling with employment precarity within highly unregulated working environments. By exacerbating their vulnerability and existing inequities (on the basis of class, gender, race/ethnicity), these successive crises create conditions of social exclusion and undermine social cohesion. At the same time, however, those conditions provide fertile ground for novel grassroots mobilisations and accentuate the need for policy measures to address deteriorating working conditions.


A Platform Interconnecting Researchers, Workers and Stakeholders in Cultural and Creative Industries

A new website that provides the infrastructure necessary to connect researchers with CCI workers, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

An interactive platform aiming to:

  • bridge the gap between academic research and professional practice
  • ensure interaction and communication between researchers and CCI workers
  • achieve participation and permanent cooperation with stakeholders/ policy makers
  • provide open data and recommendations for collective action
  • share knowledge, information, analyses, and studies on labour in the CCIs
  • strengthen collectives/unions and work-related bodies in CCIs
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