European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, (2022). Study ‘The situation of theatres in the EU Member States’ : executive summary, Publications Office of the European Union.

The 2020 Annual Work Programme for the implementation of the Creative Europe Programme foresee an action on ‘Sectorial support to the theatre sector’ in the form of a general study, the results of which are presented in this report. The findings of this study are expected to contribute to providing better support to the theatre sector at EU level. The study aims to provide a comprehensive mapping of the socio-economic profile and impact of the theatre sector in the EU, by collecting both quantitative and qualitative data. It showcases the sector’s diverse nature and the differences between stakeholders in terms of their business models, financing/ownership structures, and programming systems. In addition to collecting socio-economic data, the study also addresses the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and provides a detailed analysis of the support schemes made available to the theatre sector in Creative Europe countries. The study also covers aspects such as the education of theatre professionals, as well as gender balance, sustainability and accessibility within the sector. The study report is prepared based on data collected through desk research, interviews, survey and inputs received from stakeholders during the validation seminar.

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