Heinonen, J., et al. (2022). Between labour markets and entrepreneurship: entrepreneurial behaviour in the creative economies. DISCE Publications. 


The overall aim of this report is to gain in-depth understanding of creative professionals between labour markets and entrepreneurship in the creative economies in Europe. The research question addressed is: “What are the forms of activity (i.e. paid and unpaid work and self-employment) in the creative economies with a particular focus on inclusive and sustainable forms of activity, and how can they be supported?” This is done by relying on a purposive sampling strategy within the larger DISCE regional dataset by identifying six participants in each studied country (Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK). The analysis is focused on those participants that are engage freelance work, self-employment or entrepreneurship activities (as least part-time). Theoretically, this report relies on entrepreneurship literature and theories informing the analysis and interpretations of the research materials.

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