Comunian, R., Dent, T., Conor, B. and Burlina, C. (2020). Creative Higher Education in Europe Statistics Report. DISCE Publications.

The report reflects on the important connections between HE and creative economies across Europe. The importance of this relation has been acknowledged both in academic research and at the European policy level. We acknowledge that creative economies connect with HE at a range of levels and across many subjects. However, in the report we focus specifically on creative subjects (discussed in more detail in section 1.2) taught at HE level. We examine the current state of knowledge on creative students and graduates across Europe, drawing on European and national level data linked to student access, experience and employability beyond graduation. This section also looks at international examples to compare best practice in terms of student monitoring both prior, during and beyond graduation. We consider how these subjects are provided and valued, what skills are reported as being promoted and developed along with a consideration of how student experience creative HE and how students contribute to their local societies and wider economies both through and as a result of their HE in creative subjects. The report presents key academic literature from the field, critically looking at the available data at various geographical levels of analysis and concludes by providing key learning and knowledge gaps emerging from the review. Overall, the report addresses some key questions about who is enabled to study creative subjects at the HE level bringing together a wide range of research on creative to document the diverse and at times, contradictory knowledge available on those who are seeking a career and wanting to contribute to the (future) creative and cultural workforce (CCW) in Europe.

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